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It was about 2 weeks before Sept. 12, and there i sat in the middle of the night in front of my computer screen waiting for the "Lookout shows" page to load. For every day that month i checked to see whether mtx was going to play anywhere near me. And on that night i found out. They were gonna play at the same place they've played the last two times i've seen em. I sat there, my heart rate increasing just at the thought that i was going to see them, saying to myself, "oh my gawd, oh my gawd, etc.." and within a few days, i got my ass up and bought tickets... two weeks in advance.
Sept. 12th came. I prepared myself. I wore my pretty dress, my nice shoes, my red sweater plastered with the mr. t experience patches that i painted myself, i even did my hair. I could've been voted 'best dressed punk rock girl.' Boy, did i look pretty.
I went on my way to pick my bestest friend up, gus, and then we were off. MTX was playing in corona, which is about 45 minutes away each way. And i've driven there once before, so i knew what i was doing.
In a few instances my car did some funny things, we pulled over to check. but nothing seemed to have been the matter. So we continued on our way. It wasn't more than a few miles before the exit to the street where frank, joel, and jym were that my car broke down.
It broke.
I cried, i cried, i cried, i cried.
My car wouldn't start, at all.
Snot ran out of my nose, drooled covered my steering wheel, my tears flooded my car. I cried uncontrollably.
Gus got out and called for a tow truck, while i stayed in my car and cried. When he got back he tried to comfort me. While he was doing so, he reached behind me and locked my car door without my knowing for fear of me from running into the busy freeway. I just cried.
A lot.
The tow truck arrived after a half an hour, i cried harder. The tow truck costed $230, yes, three digits!
Gus ended up paying for it, because i had no money. My parents couldn't know about it because they didn't know i was going out so far. I was then broke, without a car, and didn't get to hear a note of mtx live.
I cried the whole way home.
That nite has forever altered me a bit. It has been two months since then, and whenever i listen to mtx, my heart feels heavy. I am now jaded.
My view of life has changed.
I proclaimed that night to have been the worst night of my adolescent life.