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Last year, Lookout Records had a CMJ night in NYC with MTX, The Queers, Cub, The Smugglers, Pansy Division, and the Groovie Ghoulies. It was on my best friend's birthday, and I got her into MTX not too long before that so I took her to the show for her birthday. At one point between bands I went to get a drink, and noticed that Dr. Frank was at the bar talking to someone. I had an idea, so I went up and asked Dr. Frank if he could do me a really huge favor. "Well, what kind of favor?", he asked kind of suspiciously, like I was going to ask hime something really weird. I explained that it was my best friend's birthday, she was really into MTX, etc....when they played, could he wish her a happy birthday or dedicate a song to her or something? He said that that was no problem, he asked me her name, and then wrote her name on his hand in marker and said "I'm writing it on my hand, so if I forget now, I'm really an idiot" or something like that. So finally they played, and I thought that he did forget because he told me that they were only playing for 25 minutes, and they had already played a bunch of songs without saying anything. Then they were about to play "Semi-OK", and instead of the usual "This is a song about a girl" intro, Dr. Frank announced, "This song is dedicated to Chris Jones for her birthday"! How cool is that? After the show, Chris told me that that was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for her birthday. I saw MTX again this year, but I didn't get to talk to Dr. Frank and pass along Chris' thanks, unfortunately. I thought that was really cool of him to do, and something that I'm sure a lot of bands wouldn't take the time to do.