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When I saw the Mr. T Experience, it was of course the highlight of my life. I really only had two goals, meet the band and possibly a girl. Anyway, some how the MTX fans were united and there was a special bond between me and the few people there who knew the band. Thankfully, one of those people was a girl, who incidentally was on me. The show was great, and I stuck with the girl through out it, but when it ended I was left with a feeling of "well, its over." I'd have to say good bye to the girl, never seeing her again almost, and the greatest concert of my life was just about over. But then the band announced that they would be coming back to my city, Milwaukee, in about a month and a half. I was so happy, this was a chance to meet the band next time. To make things better, the girl asked me if she'd see me at that show, and of course the answer is yes. In a month and a half, i have a date to see the greatest band and meet a great girl. The main act was over and so was the night, but just as we were all leaving a did meet Joel, talked to him for a few seconds (he's a nice guy, what a great band) and left feeling better than ever. I'm going to be crossing off days on my calender, I guess that i'll write back then.