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Hi. my name is Jennifer and I thought I'd share my sad little "Dr. Frank saved my Life" type-scenario with the only other people in the world that would give a shit.

OK. 2 years ago, a friend took me to see MTX here in Glasgow to cheer me up 'cause I had been homeless for a couple of months. the whole "this'll cheer you up" idea really worked and from that day, I kinda listened to them differently.

In the weeks that followed, before I got somewhere to stay, I just used to wander round listening to 'I Believe In You' over and over and my warped little mind managed to convince itself it was meant for me. Anyway, last year they came back to bonny scotland and, somehow, I plucked up the courage to give to Dr. Frank this little poem I'd written for him, just trying to explain what that song had meant to me. As he was reading it, I seriously considered running away until he finished and said, "that is the sweetest thing..."

Then we had the best conversation about absolutely nothing. then he gave me the squishiest hug. You know how you need a sort of daily fix of someone just being nice to you to keep you going for that day? Well, that kept me going for a year(and counting....)