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Okay, I have two stories really, but I'll try to condense them into one. Last year about this time, I started to get really curious about the address on the back of the Love is Dead CD. so I decided, hey, I think I'll try to write a letter to that address just to say that I like their music. So i sent a cheesy fan letter and promptly forgot about it. About a month later, I got a letter back from Dr. Frank. It was really cool. He thanked me for the letter and pormised that they would be coming to Cincinnati later the following year. And they did. They came here two nights ago, and of course I went and saw them (This was March 11, 1998). They played with The Pilfers and Reel Big Fish. They only played for about an hour, but they played really awesome songs. They began with Sackcloth and Ashes... how cool can you get?? So anyway, after the concert I went to buy a t-shirt and JOEL was back there helping sell things. So he saw me beaming psychotically at him and came over and said hi. I asked him if he could sign something for me, and he did. Then he gave me a hug. It was really cute. So i paid for my shirt and all, and then he gave me another hug and kissed me on the cheek. It was very very sweet. I plan to see them again at the end of April.


PS If anyone gets the magazine Alternative Press, I wrote a defensive editorial in the latest edition that has Scoot Wieland on the front. I wrote in defense of MTX. They edited out all the really good parts.