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i've liked MTX for a while now. i love almost all bands on lookout!, but after i heard a few MTX songs, i found myself getting more and more into them. i had heard quite a few songs by them, from compilation CDs, mix tapes my friends made me, and sound clips online--but unfortuneately i live in a town with suck-ass taste and no indie music stores, so i couldn't find any of the albums anywhere.
lo and behold, i'm searching on Pollstar for cool concerts coming up in Milwaukee, which is the closest city to me that has decent concerts. i see that on march 14, there's going to be a concert with MTX, the pilfers, and reel big fish. i had never heard of the pilfers before, i like reel big fish ok, and of course i adore MTX. so i called up lots of my friends until i found one who could go and who i actually wanted to take. (that was my friend lindsey.)
the day of the concert came around, and we watched the pilfers and MTX at the very front of the stage. MTX was rad. then we went back to the merch table and bought some stuff (i bought a record and a t-shirt!), and then decided to stay in the back because we didn't want any more people beating the crap out of us (not literally) while rbf played. later, during the set, joel was walking back to the merch table and brushed right past us. of course, just like all the other girls, i have an obsession with joel. unfortuneatley, lindsey and i were too dumb to say anything to him.

a few days later, i found out that MTX would be back in about a month and a half. (they would be the headliners this time, though.) then i found out that frank had an e-mail address. i knew i wanted to write...but i didn't want to just write a lame fan letter. it had to be cool. i thought and i thought, and then i realized: i could interview them for my zine! i wrote to frank requesting an interview. he replied promptly, and said that that would be cool, and he'd see me at the show.

so, the month passed quickly, and i made sure that my bestest bud and fellow MTX-obsesser ali would be visiting me at that time.

the day of the concert, we were so incredibly nervous the whole day. we were very afraid of sounding dumb. and i figured i'd just die when i met joel. or puke. or something equally bad. (i needn't have worried, MTX are the nicest guys on the planet! they're sooo sweet.) we went to the concert that night, and i was on the guest list. i thought that was pretty darn cool. then we got into the room, wandered around for a bit, and then noticed frank talking to some people. so we went and introduced ourselves, and frank said we could start the interview once he found joel and jym. he couldn't find the "elusive jym," but after joel came back from getting food, we all went into the little room where the bands hang out, and started the interview. it was a lot of fun, and my zine (geek u.s.a.) should be done very soon, so e-mail me about it.
then we got photos of frank and joel, and us with frank and joel.

all the bands put on a great show that night, especially MTX. after the show, we said "hey" to the guys again, and got frank, joel, and jym to sign stuff we had bought there that night. when i got home later and read what they had written, i just about died. joel wrote: "you're a real doll! xoxo, joel." (which, of course, made me even MORE in love with him...hehe.)

it was definitely one of the coolest nights of my life. i should have the photos scanned soon...