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A couple of weeks ago I went to see MTX and Reel Big Fish with two of my friends at the Riv. in Chicago. ( I had been looking forward to this ever since I had seen them at Off the Alley in my hometown.) The opening band was pretty good, but after that things got stupid. First of all, only about 5% of the people there actually knew who MTX was, and second, the people in the audience were being really huge jerks. I swear they had never been to a show before cuz even before Mr. T started playing they were shoving everyone around. When they started to play it got even worse. Half the time I couldn't even see them. Well, about half way into their set my friend Lindsay told me to get out the cheesy fan letter we wrote them. I could hardly get to my pockets cuz I was so smoshed. I got it out and Lindsay gave it to this girl ( fellow MTX lover we had met a few minutes earlier) to throw it on stage. Unfortunately, I couldn't see if she threw it cuz everyone pushed me around some more. After MTX played we went to the balcony to watch Reel Big Fish cuz we didn't feel like getting hurt any longer. After the show was over we went to the lobby to get some MTX stuff. As I was looking at the cds I looked up and saw Jym just standing there talking to the T-shirt lady ( and Joel's sister). I turned to my friend Annie and was like "look its Jym!" Of course she was all like "HI JYM!!" as loud as she possibly could. He looked at us like he was really scared. After we bought our stuff, we were going to go look for a phone, but Jym just happened to be walking out from the booth so my friends dragged me over to talk to him. ( I'm a little shy when it comes to talking to people I'm totally in love with) It turned out that he was really sweet and happy to talk to us. He had an Elmo watch on and it played the Sesame Street theme song (he let us listen to it.) We told him how much we loved them all and he was totally humble about it. Then Annie mentioned the letter to him and he was like "yeah, I think we got that. yeah....Joel showed it to me." (of course I almost died cuz, like everyone else, I plan to marry Joel someday.) He started quoting stuff we wrote in there, and I was really amazed that he remembered it. After we finished talking to him we all walked away screaming. So, all in all, it was a wonderful nite. And to all you who don't know much about Jym......he is the sweetest greatest guy ever!! I'm counting down the days until the come back to Chicago.