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Okay Dokey, Well I have a story about a MTX show I went to in October of '98, in Carrboro, NC. Okay, well, here goes ;)

I was DETERMINED to go to this show...I don't get to go to too many out of town shows b/c first of all, I always have to get a ride b/c my parents don't let me drive out of town, and second of all, I'm not allowed to see shows on school nights. augh. Anyway, I was going with my friend Pat, who I had introduced to MTX the previous year, and who liked them quite a bit. Pat's parents had decided that he was only allowed to take one person and my parents had decided that I wasn't allowed to be alone with Pat, b/c we all know that all 18 year old guys are the epitemie of evil and all have one thing on their minds, and therefore Pat and I would end up in a hotel room somewhere. I mean, that's how the parents of a 17 year old girl think. Anyway, so we decided my most bestestestest bud Jessica (I call her Jessy-ka) would come along with us, unbeknownst to Pat's parental Figures ;)

We had planned to leave right after school (about 3:30). Of course, it's only about one hour to Carrboro from here, and the show didn't start until 10:00, but we weren't taking any chances. Once I had gotten home from school, I called up Jess to see if she was ready. She had decided that she didn't want to go. AUGH. You see, Jess didn't listen to any punk at the time....she was into all that alterna-crap that they played on our local rock know, Matchbox 20, the Wallflowers, all that crap. Anyway, with a LOT of persuasion from yours truly, I was able to convince her into going, but she wasn't happy about it. We left around 5:00.....a tad later then what we had planned, but that's okay, we had PLENTY of time...or so we thought...We had some realllllly bad directions, and we were driving on this tiny little dirt road for like 45 minutes...we were freaking out....we were so lost. We got in the triangle area, and we just COULDN'T find Carrboro...we got lost in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, you name it. We just alternated between the three cities. We kept asking different people for directions and they all told us different things....Eventually it was 10:00 and we STILL were lost...I was almost in was hopeless. FINALLY Jess and I talked to 2 guys at a gas station who were nice enough to Lead us allllll the way to The Cat's Cradle in Carrboro (where MTX was playing)! If you guys ever read this, I'm ETTTTERNALLLY grateful ;) Anyway, I FINALLY got to see MTX! I had been wanting to see them for about..ummmm.....4 years ;) They were one of my most favoritestestest bands ;) Well, the show was awesome, as expected, except for the fact that I got hit on by two different was DISSS-GOOOOS-TING! AUGH. One girl PINCHED my BUTT and another one came up to me and started freaking me, so I pushed her into the pit. It was really icky. Anyway, After the show, guess who walked out into the audience...Joel! (By this point my bud Jess was not only in Love with their music, but she was also in love with Joel) so I went up to him and talked to him blah blah, and then he went over and started to help sell their was pretty cool...I then got him to sign my shirt that I had just bought....then I turned around and all of a sudden...DR. FRANK was there! I then got him to sign my shirt (you realize, I wouldn't just get every single band I meet to sign something...I've never been much for autographs...but this is MTX!) ;) And I had met both of 'em, so I was very happy. Now Jess is addicted to Punk, and she even went to a Hardcore show with me! ;) But anyway, I just felt like rambling about what happened that night..I'm sure it's pretty boring but it gave me something to do, so thanks for listening ;)