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MTX is my favorite band. So I was thrilled when I was going to San Francisco over spring break. I thought that this may be my only chance for a long time to see MTX...they *never* come to Oklahoma (for obvious reasons...) So, I look up tour dates...and they ARE playing...but it is the night that I am going to be leaving. I was crushed...I think I cried for an hour. Well anyway, all the while, I have been talking to that sweet Dr. Frank guy thru email. Greatest guy ever. So, I tell him my little horror story...and he promises to play More than Toast (my fave song) in my honor. Well, it ended up that my dad (how sweet) went to the show for me. And he even met Dr. Frank! He signed a shirt for me and played my song. I just love him...and even though I couldn't be there, I still felt special. It was great.