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ok well this is gonna be my cool story.
ok well i had heard that reel big fish is coming back to town (Seattle,WA) and i was totally stoked because they're totally one of my fave bands, and well that same night i was watching these videos with my bud jaclyn and there was this mtx video and i was like wow they are really good, and i was like woah joel is really cute. and so well i asked my mammy if i could go and she said no because it was a school night, and i was like oh poopy stoopy, so well weex passed and i still couldn't convince my mom to let me go, and then came march 18, 98 the big day, the day of the show, and i came home form drivers ed and like right away my bud nads called and she was like oh my god jaclyn hasn't called me yet (she was supposed to call at 3:15, and it was 5) (jaclyn was with reel big fish and all them all day!!!!! she's buds with aaron!!!!!!!) ok and so i was like i'll call my dad, and my dad surprisingly said ya, so nads and i went and got tickets which took us a half an hour cuz the lady there was a total dumbass, and so we like friggin drove our asses down there as fast as possible and we were gettin so mad that jaclyn was there to meet up with us, cuz she had our backstage passes os we waited there for an hour and went in then we had to wait another hour fo the show to start, but after like a hlf an hour i saw jaclyn, and so we went in the back and hung out with the bands, they were all so cool, and then i met joel from mtx cuz jaclyn was passin out gummy worms and his roady bud jonathan took some pix of us together and i really hope they were cute cuz i don't want him to see them and be like eeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!! but htey played and they were so awesome and i was like wow that was that really good band that i saw that one time and jaclyn was liek ya. and so the show ended and we hung out with them for a while, and i got so happy cuz they were all really nice and totally awesome, so whenwe were talking to joel i asked him when they're gonna be back and he said he was on april 16 and i was like wow awesome, so i gave him my ID BRACELET so he could call em and maybe mail me, and he said ya maybe, and i was like wow cool, it was so awesome, i really hope he remembers!!!!!!!!!!