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On September30 97 MTX played a show at the Pontiac Grille in philly. During the show I happend to catch Joel and I asked him for a Beer. He said to me,"You look 21". Which was funny cus Im only 14. Then he told me he cant even get a beer himself. Then backstage I saw Dr Frank, so I went up to him and asked him for a Beer. He told me he didn't wanna spend 20 years in the philly police department. So durning theyre set, Dr Frank pulled out a beer. I screamed, " I want beer!". Joel replied saying," This 12 year old boy over here keeps asking me for a beer". I screamed,"Im 14!" He replied, "Hes 14, Im sorry." Then Dr Frank said," He asked me for a beer earlier, and you know, If someone had not gotten me a beer when I was 14, think of all the things I could have acomplished in my life. Let this be a word from the wise when your 21 if Ill still be around which is pretty doubtful. Anyway this next songs about a girl," and they played shes coming over tonite. Later, at the end of the thing, a bunch of people threw me on stage for no apparent reason. I jumped around on stage making a fool of my self, untill the club owner kicked me off the stage.