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Ok In September of 98 I had the chance to see MTX here in my own town with The Hi Fives. I was all hyped and ready to go and I had told my parents that I would be going out. MY dad (the asshole) gives me a curfue of 12:00 I didnt put up a fight then because I had thought that I would definatly get to see MTX. I mean there was only 4 other bands scheduled. Well I show up at the pizza place and they start the show late. I start to worry a little bit but still I sat confident that I would get to see them. Well the doors open and I descend into the Basement of Jerr'ys Pizza. And low and behold I see the worst band ever setting up, Fat Chance. They werent even scheduled to be there its like they showed up to ruin my evening. I thought hey they probably will only play for about 45 minutes or so. They played for an hour and 15 minutes. It was then that I knew that I probably wouldnt get to see all of MTX and still be able to be home on time. Well two other bands played their set and I thought maybe MTX would play before the Hi Fives cuz they Hi Fives hadnt arrived yet. Well just as I thought that, why who comes walking through the back. Yes The Hi Fives. Oh and I mean no disrespect to The Hi Fives, they are a great band. Well the Hi Fives play and awesome set and do a great show, and I looked at my watch and it was 11:45 I couldnt believe that I had to choose between the best band in the world or to go home and not be grounded. Well I sat around for about 5 minutes and then decided that I didnt need the trouble at home so I reluctantly left. I got home right at 12:00 and my dad was sleeping. FUCK!! I thought to myself I wouldnt have been caught if I had stayed out. I was fucking mad, and I am still kicking myself for that. That was my first chance to see MTX and I blew it I havent had the chance to see them again yet but I am still hoping. Oh on a side not I emailed the great Dr Frank himself and told him my story. I totally forgot about the email but when I got a reply with Dr Frank expressing his sympathy and about him guarenteering me another chance to see them, needless to say it really cheered me up. Well as of yet my opportunity to see them has not come yet but I most certainly will see them.