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All About Jym

Jym is the current drummer for the Mr. T Experience. He's considered the "silent, shy" type of the band, but he's a really cool guy. Plus, his hairstyle is really neat...puts a smile on my face every time I see it!
Jym! Here's a short description of Jym, according to the MTX Family Circle:

Jym is a local boy from Fremont, CA, about 3 years younger than Dr. Frank, who did not go on to college. He quit a bank job when MTX shifted into a full-time commitment. His immediate prior band had been called the Slambodians--as you can tell from the name, much more hardcore than Mr. T. His sticks fly in 8 smooth directions at once when the tempo cranks up and he's very strong on the kick-drum. However, what Dr. Frank and Joel like the best is that he's the steadiest timekeeper they've ever worked with. Most drummers speed, then drag, then speed again when they get excited, etc. Jym is diabetic and so has to be careful during the hard stress of touring, with endless hours, time changes, strange foods. His own special food bag is always close by, even on stage.

-MTX Family Circle

  • Thanks again to the MTX Family Circle for all this keen info!!
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