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  • Please support this page (and MTX) by buying MTX stuff from CDNow!

    please buy MTX stuff from CDNow to support this page (and MTX)!

    Other MTX pages on the 'net:

  • Amy Adoyzie's Page - contains some great MTX-related pics
  • Andy's MTX Page - nice page; one of the oldest
  • An Ode to MTX - Q & A's and some Joel obsession
  • Christina's MTX page - nice page
  • Cindy's Digital Mr. T Experience Page - old page, no updates
  • Chief Brody's MTX page - some more tabs, but other stuff is kindly "borrowed" from Empty Starship
  • the Dr. Frank Appreciation Page - great Dr. Frank info & other stuff!
  • the Joel Reader House of Worship - yet another obsessed Joel fan
  • Jym Mania! - a fan's dedication to Jym
  • Layla's MTX page - semi-OK page
  • Marty's MTX page - some discography info; no updates
  • the MTX Cyber Friends Network - old page; no updates
  • MTX Fan Club - MTX fan club HQ
  • the MTX Punk Page - doesn't exist anymore?
  • MTX Punk Rock - semi-OK page
  • Leigh's MTX page - OK page; some updates
  • Nimrod, Be One or Die - split Green Day/MTX page
  • MTX Sweet Revenge - nice layout
  • Rebekah's MTX page - VERY good discography and lyrics, other neat stuff
  • Shrine to Joel - pictures, info...obsession!
  • Songs About Girls - semi-ok page
  • Steven's MTX page - not much content but LOTS of sounds, videos, etc.
  • That's All She Wrote - has some great original MTX, Queers, etc. pictures
  • Tom's Page of Joel - another page devoted to Joel
  • Two Martinis From Now - site devoted to Dr. Frank's solo project(s)
    MTX's current labels:

  • Lookout! Records - If you wanna order MTX records, shirts, buttons, stickers, hats, and patches, Lookout! has it all.
  • Mint Records - Canadian Label that gets along quite well with Lookout! Records.
  • Skull Duggery - great mailorder label that distributes the MTX "Road to Ruin" lp with Clearview Records
  • Vital Music Mailorder - released the MTX "Sex Offender" ep; lots of other great records on other labels, too
    Here are some MTX-related bands:

  • Groovie Ghoulies - labelmates; Jon Von played on a couple GG records
  • the Hi-Fives - labelmates & good pals
  • the Plus Ones - Joel's other band
  • the Queers - Hopeless Records' punk rock veterans; MTX's good pals
  • the Ramones - a huge influence on MTX
  • the Rip-Offs - Jon Von's current band, punk punk punk
  • Samiam - band spawned from past members of MTX
  • Screeching Weasel - great punk, former labelmates
  • Sicko - super-catchy pop-punk (RIP, sob)
    Miscellaneous stuff:

  • Beatnik Termites - bubblegum punk rock - bubblecore!
  • the Bracket Page - Official home of Bracket on the web
  • the Crumbs - three-chord punk rock on Lookout!
  • Gigantor - German punk rock band
  • the Heartbroken - pop-punk band from Canada; MTX fans as well
  • Hi-Standard Online - my page for this crazy Japanese pop-punk band
  • HUNGOVER - WQHS (U. Penn.) radio show; listen via live RealAudio! RECOMMENDED!
  • I'm Like Yeah - online zine; lots of stuff
  • the Klopecs - punk rock band on Mutant Pop
  • the Lillingtons - Panic Button pop-punk band
  • Radford - Queen City punk rock band
  • Saint Dolemite - Ryan's page of mp3's (has MTX songs, plus others by Lookout! bands)
  • Thought Is a Crime Web-zine - nice web-zine with lots of neat zine-type stuff
  • Tim's Snuff page - cool page for the talented Fat Wreck Chords band
    PooPunk! Web*Zine
    PooPunk! web*zine

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