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Lyrics to
"...And the Women Who Love Them"

...And the Women Who Love Them

"Tapin' Up My Heart"

You're probably wondering why I've called you here I think the time has come to make it clear my heart can't make our love bloom and grow while you're kicking it to and fro accusing it of things it never said or stepping on it like a cigarette how can I be the answer to your prayers if I'm always making minor repairs? I've been doing most of those things I'm supposed to, you've been tearing me apart and I can't compete with you you keep doing what you do and I'll keep tapin' up my heart. What we have is difficult to explain it's equal parts of boredom joy and pain it's delicate like an angel's wings based on trust and a couple of other things my heart is young and black and proud and bold you better eat it before it gets cold one more thing I can't overemphasize: it's not to be used as a flotation device. I've been doing some of those things you make fun of you've been laughing way too hard I'll salute your lofty goals while you poke me full of holes but I'll keep tapin' up my heart. I'm not what I used to be mostly cause I refuse to be. I'm the new kid on the chopping block so take a little bit off the top there's really nothing you can throw my way that I can't ignore and hope it goes away. I know I've done a few of those bad things in lieu of those good things that I should start but we need something to do and it might as well be you so I'll keep tapin' up my heart.

"My Stupid Life"

I've been doing nothing in particular I've been figuring out what I was gonna do now somehow the time has gone by and I didn't do the things that I wanted to looking back it seems like I should have known walking down and up and down the avenue wasn't such a smart way to go but it's all I knew how to do and you're gonna say isn't it okay cause you kept on trying and I'm gonna lie and explain how I've been a value giant or I don't care like Pierre waiting for the lion to eat me up while I think about my stupid life. I've been told that I spend too much time alone and asked why I never take this jacket off I'm either caught in the headlights or running around like a chicken with its head cut off I recall I once heard a story it might be apocryphal but anyway there's this guy who got so bored that he chopped off his own head well I won't do that but it seems like at some point something should happen there's got to be some sort of redemption or at least some French in Action but there's nothing yet and I can't get no disaffection not even that so let me tell you about my stupid life. Whoa. My stupid life.

"I Believe in You"

I can see that you're discouraged like you think that it's never ever gonna change and maybe I'm to blame there's not a whole lot I can do now, though I should have seen it coming when I saw you go but I want you to know there's nothing wrong with you you just need to follow through on the things you set out to do long ago it sounds odd to come from me and I can fake sincerity as well as anybody can but that's not what I'm doing this time and I don't really know the best way to convey it I'm just gonna say it I believe in you. I think about it so often the little things that I could have done differently if I'd known what they'd be I don't know why it surprised me I should have seen where it was going when you came apart but there's nothing wrong with you you just never made it through all the things that were done to you long ago I hope you realize how you figure in my eyes and how much worse the world would be if there's wasn't anything like you in it and how you're someone well worth knowing I hope you keep on going I believe in you. I know you're lonely and you don't really understand why things haven't worked out as you planned long ago but you will find your way and I'll run into you one day and you'll tell me that you're okay and all about the tremendous things you've done and how you've won the day and where you plan to take it I think you're gonna make it I believe in you.

"All My Promises"

I guess I should say thanks for having me and now that I've been had what have we got? Something that survives casts a shadow on our lives turns our promises to lies and second thoughts we've had a lot of time to think it over to readjust our expectations even lower I suppose we'll think it over till we think it's over I still think about you all the time. I guess I'll straighten out as everything progresses I guess one day I'll know what I'm supposed to do from now on I have to go on guesses cause I've used up all my promises on you. I wonder why I'm still waiting here trying to turn everything around and piece together how things that seem so silly now once were everything I ever thought about you'd go crazy if you tried to take it all in how far we've come as opposed to how far we've fallen I wonder how long it'll be till we start to call them things we used to think long ago? Whether they are failures or successes one day I'll figure out what I'm supposed to do but till I'll have to go on guesses cause I've used up all my promises on you.

"Checkers Speech"

Once upon a time life was sweet and everything was fine each day was like a triumph of the will and every night was even better still now suddenly you don't want to do it anymore nothing I could say would change your mind I watched you walk away and screamed and whined it was worth a try though I can't deny it's a weak reply and there's never gonna be another other way to say goodbye. Once I had a dog a little puppy dog who was my friend I almost lost hope when he went away kind of like what's happening today but let's face it kid you never were that kind of friend at all you were never there to catch me when I faltered or needed to be laundered pressed and altered still it seems to me we should wait and see but you don't agree and if that's the way you want it I know that's the way it's gotta be and now there's only one thing left to say thought it's been said before you won't have Nixon to kick around anymore.

"We Hate All the Same Things"

She's no beauty queen but she doesn't mind being seen with me I may not be the best but I'm the only guy that she can get and with a love like that you know it's got to last and we're gonna stay together as the years go rocketing past we share everything his and hers like all the things that get on our nerves so she's with me and there's nobody waiting in the wings cause we hate all the same things. Now I'm anticipating we'll spend another lovely evening of complaining about life cause we've discovered it's one damn thing after another so don't try to call us we won't answer the phone we hate to go out in public even more than we hate staying at home we'd just hate anything anywhere and anybody who may be there so I'll be here and she'll be near there's nowhere else to be cause we hate all the same things. When the dog bites when the bee stings when you're feeling some of these things: ennui, misanthropy, weltschmerz, and anomie, just think of all the things you hate and things start looking pretty great if there's someone who hates them too and she's with you the whole night through. If you've had a few lucky breaks and you've made all the right mistakes you can be like she and me in a world that swings if you hate all the same things like we hate all the same things.

"Now That You Are Gone"

There was something in the way you said never to call me again and now I know I should have read between the lines back then and there were secrets that you almost kept that were quite sufficient to show but it finally hit me when you left my name off your suicide note I shifted gears I faced my fears I cried some tears I did a lot of heroin it took so long but now I'm moving on now that you are gone. A half-full or half-empty shell I was in a nebulous state a shadow of my former self which wasn't all that great but I've been seeing you around it seems like you're doing all right and I only cry about you now every other night I went astray I lost my way I did some macramé I walked around aimlessly it took so long but now I'm moving on now that you are gone. I know we'll meet again one day it'll be strange and outré and I won't know what to say except for na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na now that you are gone. After all is said and done there's not much to say or to do except for keep on keeping on and start again anew at least the future's in my hands and life is a thing to live for cause now I have another chance to screw it up once more I shifted gears I faced my fears I cried some tears I did a lot of heroin it took so long but now I'm moving on now that you are gone.

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