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This section contains all of the up-to-date news and happenings of the Mr. T Experience. Humongous thanks to the MTX Family Circle for most of this info! Also, thanks to the people who continually help me keep this page updated with the latest news; I wouldn't be able to do this without you!

+ News for 7-11-99: (thanks to Jonathan)

[ new MTX album "Alcatraz" - a review! ]

  • Pre-releases of the new MTX album "Alcatraz" have been passed out among radio stations and the press for review. MTXPF Jonathan (of HUNGOVER radio show fame) was lucky enough to grab a copy of the album, which will see a September 14, 1999 release date on Lookout! Records. Here's a song-by-song description of "Alcatraz," followed by a description/review of the album as a whole (all writing by Jonathan):

    1) "I Wrote a Book About Rock & Roll" (Funny song that is kinda like MTX but with almost High Fivesish jumpy giutars. Franks drips sarcastic supereority from the point of view of a music critic. An automatic classic hands down.)

    2) "Naomi" (Starts out heavy. The perfect example of the new MTX sound. This song could take over mainstream radio. I know it'll take over my show. Frank almost raps at times and then breaks into heartbrinking observvatios. His voice hits highs and lows and the chorus will break you it's so damn good. Frank's solo album peeks in at places. You're boss will fire you 'cuz you sing it too much. It's just a matter of time.)

    3) "Self-Pity" (Starts out High Fivesish but then it kicks in with a Revenge is Sweet-like melody. Love is Dead fans will like this one. Watch out for the guitar solo.)

    4) "Hey Emily" (Sounds at parts like Frank's solo album. Then it turns into a song you WILL sing out loud especially the chorus. A somber, regretful Frank pines and then just kicks off at the chorus. A mix of regret and then hope. It's so sweet it hurts. His voice hits a couple high ones and there's an organ backing up in it. It doesn't dominate but adds a great touch.)

    5) "Tomorrow is a Harsh Mistress" (Think way back to the Jon Von days of MTX. Rock & Roll. This is what MTX would be if the lineup hadn't ever changed and Frank had just kept writing with the old line up. It rocks out. Even the organ. You will too.)

    6) "Two of Us" (This song will break your heart. Frank goes almost spoken word to start it and then builds the song into a driving, jumpy and then rollercoaster sweet middle... then he does it over again. A positive love song. And funny as hell.)

    7) "Our Days are Numbered" (Think the best lyrics from Frank's solo effort. He counts up the days narrating his relationship. These past songs have to be about his fiance in England and the physical distance between them shows up here in the words.)

    8) "We're Not No One" (Drivin' swingy song. This song could've snuck onto Revenge is Sweet but the jingling tamborine gives it away. Another almost Frank rap. These things are addicting and compliment the rest of the song kinda like they did on Popluation Us from the solo album but even more so if you can believe it.)

    9) "Re-activate Your Heart" (Another new MTX sound song. It kicks ass. Hard. This is going to be a good live number. Hey Hey's and Ya Ya's fill it. Don't you want to be in the crowd for those? Really heavy rock influences in the guitars and the organ's back there with Jym and Joel keepin' company. There are even some weird samples in the back. Yup. Believe it.)

    10) "Perhaps" (This could have been an acoustic on the other albums and kicked but it's not and it really works here. Another regretful Frank song. It's a heartbreaker and that pesky organ again. Frank's solo album changed him for good it seems and you can hear some of Two Martinis From Now in this song.)

    11) "She's My Alcatraz" (There are those High Fives guitars again. Frank turns them into MTX guitar sounds officially with this song. Uses the sound but to tell a tale of unescapable love weaving, it inbetween MTX driving sounds. Whoo Hoo Hoo! This song will get stuck in your head so you better buy a drill now.)

    12) "I Feel For You" (Thank of a fast song that Frank writes very well like She's All Right from the solo album but with a lot more back up. It's fast and silly.)

    13) "We'll Get By" (You've got to listen to this song. Another new super sounds of MTX song and it's the only way to end this album. The chorus is made up of sound words like BABABABA and Ya Ya Ya but with more syllables in the "words". Might be the best song on the album. The guitar in this one'll make you cry. Frank does his solo album like rap stuff here too. This is guaranteed to stick.)

    Let me tell you about the album. I can't say enough about the thing. Take the best driving beats that Frank and the boys have ever thrown out. Then take the best background music from Dr. Frank's solo effort and throw that in too. Blend them together. It's different but it's better than anything he's EVER written. His melodies jump around differently and on a couple songs they're joined by more instruments.

    Think about what Green Day did with Nimrod or what Weezer did with Pinkerton. Well, MTX has expanded their sound on this one. This is MTX's best chance to go mainstream and you probably don't want to heat that but it's true. Expect Mr. T Experience shows to get a lot bigger. But that doesn't mean roudier. It's not a heavier album it's lighter, believe it or not. Think strong acoustic/light guitar, strong Frank vocals backed by other instruments. Jym and Joel are hard to spot on some songs (the one sad note) and the driving beat from Love is Dead and Revenge is Sweet has turned once again into something else. It's not all together gone but definitely not as prominent. Like the transition of sound MTX underwent during Our Bodies ourselves to Taping Up My Heart they've pulled another fast one on us.

    But I'm telling you die harders that this is a GOOD thing. Some things never change and the good Dr. has made this the catchiest album ever. He also pushes his vocal range on some solo choruses. Try thinking of a 50s or 60s like melody with MTX written all over it. It's hard to describe even though I've gone through it like 10 times non stop.

    So it looks to me like the possibility of being married coupled with the Experience of a solo album has changed Frank for good. Do I hear an increase in confidence and sunnier demeanor in Alcatraz? Most definitely. But don't dread this album uness of course you're afraid of spinning a hole in your CD player. This thing will not come out. Get it stuck. You may not have to trust in me but definitely trust in Frank. Has he ever let you down before? Thought so. He's coming into his own and maturing even still. He's got a constantly increasing Midas touch, people. I'm scared of what might come next. Hearts across the world may just go pop in unison. That is, if Alcatraz doesn't send you poppin' first.

    -Jonathan London

    [ upcoming split 7" with GIGANTOR ]

  • Jens from the German punk band GIGANTOR reports that their split EP with MTX (featuring "King Dork" by MTX and "Outta Sight, Outta Mind" by GIGANTOR) will be released in October 1999 by German record label G-FORCE RECORDS. This record will be limited to 300 copies so stay tuned for pre-ordering info. Check out the GIGANTOR web-site at or email the band at for more info!

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