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"Gilman Street"

D--G--A-A#-A (a couple of times)

D                 G    A
Seems like it was only yesterday,
D          G      A
Nothing to do and nowhere to play,
D                  G       A
But then we can go down to Gilman Street,
D       G     A        E
And see OpIvy every week,
   G        D        A     E      G   D            A
No violence drugs or alcohol just maximum rock and roll,
   G      D               G        D
At Gilman Street, its the place to be,
        G           D             A
Its the seat of the punk rock scene,
         G       D            G         D
Cause we got the beat, and we don't eat meat,
      G          D                  A
Its a club, its a place, its a  thing,

And if the band is hell of rad,
Tim will start to bounce his head,
all the kids will jump up on the stage, 
And they'll hit the microphone in your face,
And you will get a fat lip,
You will get a fat lip in the pit,
At Gilman Street, Its the place to be,
For a zillion punk rock bands,
Cause they've got the club, and its not enough,
But at least its not Bill Graham,
Its Gilman Street

D--G--A-A#-A (x3)
A-D (a whole bunch of times)
                    A                      D
Radley does the sound, Honey watches the door,
          G                      D
And James McKinney, sweeps the floor,
       B         F#        G             A
Isocracy made a mess, we demand nothing less,

So if you've got nothing better to do,
There's a meeting every Sunday afternoon,
You can talk about skinheads at the show,
You can vote on wether you're gonna vote,
And you can make a speech,
You can rant, you can rave, you can preach,
At Gilman Street, its democracy, its just one big family,
It's a bunch of geeks, its a load of freaks,
It's a club, it's a place, it's a thing,
It's Gilman Street,

end with this same section
A-D (a bunch of times)

  • Transcribed by Thanks, guy!