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"Whoe Needs Happiness (I'd Rather Have You)"

Intro: [B   E    B   E    B    E    B   F#    E]    F#- (play this first time, 
seccond time end on B)

B       F#               E         B  (pattern repeats throughout 
Sitting around here with nothing to do.                     verse)
It's wearing me down dear, just thinking of you, 
how it's been so long since I held you close, 
how things could go wrong when I need you most. 

F#                      E
My devotion is an ocean of uneasiness,

B            C#               F#
distraction, worry, grief and stress.

(chorus- same as intro)

For love is sadness.
Love is madness.
Love is thinking if I make it through
this hell on earth, it might be worth it.

Who needs happiness? I'd rather have you.

Roaming these hallways with dreams unfulfilled--
why do they always seem so uphill?
A happy existence of peace and goodwill,
me on assistance and you on the pill:

is that so wrong? 
But no one sees it my way.
"Get a life" is what they say.
Well, I'm all spent, all sentimentally retarded now,
you know it's true. 

I may have shot what life I've got,
but I don't want a life, I just want you.

B    E           F#    E           B         E            F#
     I just want you to be with me here, and I don't care much if 

              E      B     
it's not such a good idea. 

E                                B                G#
If falling short of happy is the best that we can do, 

B         F#             E           B
who needs happiness? I'd rather have you. 

B            F#     E                    F#
Who needs happiness if I can't have you, too? 

E                           B                  G#
If it's true that I have to choose between the two, 

B         F#             E           B 
who needs happiness? I'd rather have you.

(ending- play verse pattern twice)

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