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"Two Martinis from Now"

          G               Bm
It's been awile,  and looking back

C          G                      D
i keep losing track,  of how long it's been

    C            G           D...
and who left who again,  and since when

           G               Bm
the little hand,  is on the one

    C        G                D
and i have just begun to suck on a lime

          C           G      C      G.....
and start learning to tell time

          C       G   C   G
i started feeling low a beer ago

         Em           D        C
and in a about a gin and tonic or two

        C             G               D
i'll be a blue hawaiian away from crying for you

G                 G            G           D
two martinis from now it won't matter much anyhow

G               C     G   D     C? G   D.....
i started to overflow two martinis ago

           G               Bm
i couldn't last one gimlet more

    C                 G               D
but i've still got room for a sob and a sigh

    C                   G        D...
and one more whisky and rye just went by

           G           Bm
the little hand is one the two

    C              G             D
i wonder what i'll do if it gets to three

         C              G    C  G...
how many teardrops will that be?

         C        G    C  G
i bow my head and pray to be ok

         Em       D       C
and in a half a manhattan or so

          C               G                         D.....
i'll have two our fathers and one bloody mary to go

G            G              G               D
two martinis hence it might start to make some sense

G             C    G         D          G        D.....
i unsealed my fate one fifth of bourbon too late

SOLOISH PART:   chords-   G Bm C G D C G D...

           G              Bm
the little hand is on the three

         C                 G
how many teardrops will it be

       D              C           G     C   G...
till i collapse and your memory's under wraps

              C      G        C        G
there's  so much getting thru to catch up to

          Em         D        C
i'm still four white russians behind

         C                G
i feel a jim beam shining on me

i might be losing my mind

     G           G         G              D
in a teardrop or two it'll be time to get over you

         G               C   G     D           C? 
and i'll figure out just how two martinis from now

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