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"I Don't Need You Now"

chords= (strings are in order from low e to high e)
G= 320033
C= x32010
G/B= x20033
Am= x02210
E/A= x02100
G/C= x20010
D= xx0232
Cm= x35543
            G         C         G         G
There was a time when I thought I would die,

G              G/B       C
Everytime I thought of you I'd cry,

    Am      E/A   Am    E/A
And think myself into a state,

Am          G/C               D
And drink myself to sleep too late,
But was pulling us and me apart,
Was only breaking in my broken heart,
Now its controlled again, on hold again,
And more broken than it's ever been,

   G  C    D  
So I don't need you now,

        G          G/B     C        Cm
I can't believe how I ever wondered how,

         G                    C
I'd ever make it without you, thinking about you,

    Am      D        G   C G
But I don't need you now,

There was a time when I thought I should try,
To make myself hate you to get by,
It wasn't hard to do, to think of you,
And all the things you put me through,
But now I've had some time to contemplate,
And I've discovered other things to hate,
There's still bitterness I can't resist,
But you're moving to the bottom of a pretty long list,

So I don't hate you now,
And I don't even want to checkmate you now,
I still don't like how much you don't want me to touch you,
But I don't hate you now,

Em               G
And if I'm crying,

C               G
What did you expect,

Em               G
I've been trying,

      C                    G/C         D
But I still don't know how not to be a wreck

And now I'm still aware, you're sitll out there,
Still busy braking someone's heart somewhear,
And though to you its nothing new, 
for once I've got no explaining to do,

Because I don't know you now,
And I don't have anything to show you now,
Except for all of these appologies, that I don't owe you now.

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