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"You're the Only One"

B----------------------     (starts off with this chord)

C         F    G       C             F      G       C
Youre the only one for me I tell you 3 or 4 times a day

C           F       G   C                  F           G      
When you're with me I'm happy I'm lost and lonely when you're 


C           F         Dm       G           C               F     
Every night I have to spend without you my suffering grows ever 
Dm       G
more and more

C          F           G             Am     F 
I wouldn't suffer like this for just anyone you're the only one I 
      G      C 
wanna suffer for

F                   (G/C)
You're the only one

C         F           G         C            C       F
Now we've established something precious but chances are it could 

G  C 
go awry

C       F        G        C         C          F     
When we find how weak the flesh is, shattered, scattered, hung 
G      C
out to dry

C              F        Dm       G      C                F
It'll all come out when it's discovered clearer than the teardrop 

Dm    G
in my eye

    C             F           G            Am
But I don't wanna get screwed over by just anyone... 

F                           G                C
You're the only one I wanna get screwed over by

F                  (G/C)
You're the only one

Am                          E
My heart is a mess yes it's true

Am                               F
I've tried to fix it up just for you

F             G       Am      G       F    G
It's not done yet but it will have to do   oo woo oo oo

C                F       Dm     G
I know there are so many others out there...

C                F               Dm          G
Who might like a chance to get a crack at it too

C         F             G          Am     F

But if my heart's gonna get broken anyway I'd rather have it get 

G         C
broken by you

F                   (G/C)
You're the only one,

F                  (G/C)
You're the only one

F                     (***G/A)
You're the only one...      (dist.)

F                  (***G/A)
You're the only one


***after 2nd "you're the only one", play G, A and F power chords w/distortion and fade out

Transcribed by