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"She's Coming (Over Tonight)"

Intro: A G A  A G A  A G A  D  A

A            D             A G A  A G A
Miracles and lucky charms

A                              D                 A G A  A G A
made the girl of my dreams the girl in my arms. 

E                 A    D
Push will come to pull tonight and I'll

E             A    D           E
have my hands full tonight and everything'll be real all right 

        A G A A G A A G A  D    A
because she's coming       over tonight.

I'm gonna shave off my beard.
And I'll try not to act to weird.
Then I'm gonna kiss her tenderly,
so don't ask her if she's free.
She won't be she'll be with me
because she's coming over tonight.


F#m                       C#m                              D
Everyone makes fun of me. They do it right in front of me. They don't 

think someone shy like me could get a girl
like that to like a guy like me.

F#m                                C#m
But now she's standing at my door. She's who I've been waiting for, 

D                                          E D E  E D E  E D E  E
so don't feel sorry for me anymore because she's coming.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! 
We won't tell a soul tonight
cause our mouths will be full tonight
and talking with your mouth
full isn't polite. All right.
She's coming over tonight.

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