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"Swiss Army Girlfriend"

Intro: C   F    C   F   C   F    C    F

C                        F         C     
She's the slickest chick I've ever known,

F             C             F      C 
I'll take her with me where ever I go

C                 F              C      F 
to rope in all my fears and open all my beers 

       C          F        G
and to never ever leave me alone.

A           D          A       D          A             D
She's tiny, sharp, and bright, almost too sharp but not quite.

A                   D                A      D
She does it all somehow. She's in my pocket now, 

        F                  G
but I'm gonna take her out tonight.

         C          F   G
She's my swiss army girlfriend.

A                D            F                    G
She's holding up her end, and she's all mine and I got a valentine to send.


Do I have to draw a diagram?
When I'm out of luck or in a jam
she can get me hot and out of tight spots,
and she's ready whenever I am.

She slices, dices and more.
She can handle any household chore
and I love the feel of her stainless steel
when were rolling all around on the floor.

She's my swiss army girlfriend.

She's in my dresser drawer and I'm all hers and we got a universeto explore.

C B Bb A                  A G# G  F
       And I love her so,         though she may never know,

F  E  Eb  D                     G
          just how low I would go           
G  G# A                        F             D                   G   G#
      To keep her by my side,  and open wide for when our worlds collide

[play chords one step (fret) higher for the rest of the song]

She's the only game in town.
She's a thriller that you can't put down,
so enjoy this song because before too long 
we're gonna run each other into the ground.

She's my swiss army girlfriend.

We've barely started yet, but we're all set and we've got a bassinet to get.

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