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C          C                        Am   G      F
sugar coated girlfriends don't mean anything to me

F           C                 G  
this songs about a girl who's soft and warm and cheap

F               G           Am       G       F         
when i held her close to me she melted right away

G             C
velveeta was her name

F C           F C           FG       .....CCFC.....CCFC
velveeta,  velveeta,  velveeta.....

C                                Am        G       F
all my friends keep telling me,  "nate you must be sick.

F           C             G            G
how can you have fun with a gooey processed chick?"

F                         G           Am   G          F  
but she's much more than that,  she's got  a heart of gold

G                 C      C
and she does what she's told

F C           F C          F G        .....CCFC
velveeta,  velveeta,  velveeta.....

G                            F        G
i want to tell her that i'll never go away

G                            F          G
but she keeps showing me her expiration date

(SOLO).....your turn 
but here are the chords:  CC Am-G-F FCGG ?FC ?FC

C                                       Am        G          F
girls may come and girls may go,  but i know one thing's for sure

F          C            G   
they stock velveeta at the local grocery store

F             G             Am        G      F
and she'll be on the shelf  until the end of time

F          G           C
when we'll have to say goodbye

F C           F C           F G      .....CCFC
velveeta,  velveeta,  velveeta.....

 FC           F C           F G      .....AGF
velveeta,  velveeta,  velveeta....

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