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So far, the Mr. T Experience has made music videos for "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba," "I Fell For You," and "...And I Will Be With You." MTV has aired the videos for both "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba" and "...And I Will Be With You." However, they refused to play the video for "I Fell For You," so if you have any free time, please complain to them about this via email at, and hopefully, we'll get to see keep yer toes crossed.

  • Click on a full video or short clip to download it! (these videos are .mov files, courtesy of Lookout! Records)
    '...And I Will Be With You' screen shot
    'Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba' screen shot
    'I Fell For You' screen shot
    "...And I Will Be With You"
    Full | Short Clip
    "Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba"
    Full | Short Clip
    "I Fell For You"
    Full | Short Clip

    I have also recently discovered that has all three MTX videos, so you might wanna check that out...

  • Here's some info on the production and stuff of the "...And I Will Be With You" video, courtesy of Dave, part of the videos' production staff, as well as a huge MTX fan:

    "Well I have been a fan of MTX for about eight years now so I had a blast doing this. I had a friend that new somebody doing an animated MTX video a year ago. That video ended up being "I fell for you". The label decided to not do it animated at the last second so that was scratched. I worked with the director on the Squirtgun video as well. We finally got the go ahead to do an animated video with "..and I will be with you." The director got the model sheets of the band from Adrian Tomine, who does a really cool comic book called Optic Nerve. We wrote the scenes we wanted and how they would fit in the video. He wanted a Hanna-Barbaraish type animation. You know, really stiff and cheesy. We did that, then I helped out on the video shoot which was a blast as well. I guess that's kind of vague but you get the jist of it."

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